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Driveshaft Assembly & Balancing Equipment Manufacturers

Frequently Asked Questions

All machines are oiled, padded, and shrink-wrapped for protection. Machines are then shipped on flatbed style trailers due to their length.

Make sure U-Joints, Slips and Splines are fully greased and moving freely before balancing. A tight or stiff U-Joint may not balance correctly.

A 250 AMP Mig Welder using .035 welding wire with CO2 gas is the normal equipment to use when welding drivelines. Try a mix gas of 85% Argon and 15% CO2 gas for a flatter, wetter looking weld.

Always ground directly to the driveshaft tubing using the ground hook. Do not clamp the ground wire of the welder to the Shaftmaker. Clamping the ground wire of the welder to the Shaftmaker will send electrical current through the Spindle Bearings which will cause arcing and pitting the Ball Bearings and Bearing Journals.

Oiling the Tailstock and Spindle Bearings daily with Turbine Oil or Air Tool Oil is recommended. Lift Spindles vertically and wipe the Rocker Bearing Race with a rag, this will prevent grit and grime from effecting balance sensitivity. Be sure to keep fan motors clean by brushing away debris and applying light air pressure. There are two fan motors, one is located on the motor control unit and the other is located on the back of the main motor.

If a fuse is blown, replace with a 20 AMP Dual element time delay fuse.

After building and welding a driveshaft it may need to be straightened again before balancing. Using the Dial Indicator with Indicator Stand locate the worst high spot on the driveshaft. Using an oxy/acetylene torch carefully heat a very small spot on the high side. Cool and repeat as necessary until the driveshaft is straight.

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